Article on Fuel Price Hike in India



Petrol, a very flammable substance is really burning the news charts nowadays. Its price is rising so high as if it is to beat the Mount Everest. Today, there is a price hike in almost everything.

A common man, therefore replans his expenditures considering his budget and the next morning he reads on the front page of the newspaper that rates of petrol, diesel and LPG have gone up. He along with the piece of paper containing the budget is shattered into pieces. The people talk amongst themselves, their relatives and criticize the government.


“THE GOVERNMENT”- A tussle has already been started between the government and opposition. The Left and the Right come together to protest against the steepest petrol price hike even as the government accuses the opposition of unnecessarily politicising the issue. We see a lot of violence on the streets.

Various opposition party workers protest on roads and are arrested for that. We also see Nation-wide bandh which evokes a mixed response from the nation. Activists target the commercial establishments which refuse to down shutters. Is all this solving the problem?? Fuel price hike is predestined. There is not much we can do and wasting time on these bandhs is not going to serve any purpose either.

According to me, the common man including myself, criticizes the government because we are not fully versed with the economy. The government also has limitations and has got targets to meet in the global market. On the other hand, one can easily understand why the protests are done by the opposition.

This is something out of our control, given the multiple issues attached with it.


But, to minimize its impact one can at least try the following suggestions:

  1. Switch to fuel efficient vehicles. It can be done by knowing about engine technology, maintenance etc.
  2. Use battery-operated motor vehicles for short distances. Today, even solar cells may charge the battery.
  3. Induction cookers are more economical than cooking gas. So, try avoiding LPG.
  4. Try to be in touch with the economic dealings so that to be well prepared in advance.

These are just a few suggestions across ample choices available. We have no other way out as we got to save money and retain mobility simultaneously.


Pratyush Sharma



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