50 important G.K (General knowledge) questions on Social Institutions


201. Which of the following tribes has very high bride price?

(a) Ho

(b) Munda


(c) Kharia

(d) Nayars

202. Which among the following tribes has low amount of bride price?

(a) Nayar


(b) Meena

(c) Rengma Naga

(d) Kuki

203. Probationary marriage where young women and young men are permitted to live together at the girls home for some weeks and then to decide whether to get married or not is practiced among


(a) Kukis

(b) Bhils

(c) Nadars

(d) Garos


204. Mate selection by trials in which young man has to prove his prowess before he can claim the hand of any girl is practice among

(a) Nadars

(b) Kadars

(c) Bhils


(d) Gonds

205. Who has described Tibet as the largest and most flourishing polyandrous society?

(a) W.H.R. Rivers

(b) Catheline Gough

(c) Prince Peter

(d) Chi-ling

206. Which among the following phenomena explain the significant rituals and social role of the mother’s brother in the lives of their sister’s children?

(a) Sibling filiations

(b) Complementary filiations

(c) Social role of maternal uncle

(d) Mutual role relation

207. The patrilineal system of South India is not so markedly patriarchal as those of the north India. This statement is

(a) True

(b) False

(c) Partially true

(d) None

208. Conjugal relationship may be expressed as

(a) Triangle and a circle sign

(b) Circle and circle sign

(c) Two triangles sign

(d) Triangle subtraction triangle sign

209. Who among the following was of the view that it would be inappropriate to look at the joint family system as a collection of nuclear families?

(a) I. Karve

(b) M.S. Gore

(c) P.N. Prabhu

(d) Pauline Kolenda

210. Filial relation may be represented by

(a) Triangle subtraction triangle sign

(b) Two triangles sign

(c) Triangle subtraction circle sign

(d) Triangle and a circle sign

211. Pavline Koelenda presents typology of joint family on the basis of

(a) Relatives who are its members

(b) Place of residence

(c) Their economic engagements

(d) Ancestor’s worship

212. Which among the following is not a type of joint family presented by Pauline Koelenda?

(a) Lineal joint family

(b) Collateral joint family

(c) Supplemented lineal joint family

(d) Cognatic joint family

213. Fraternal relationship may be expressed in the form of

(a) Two triangles sign

(b) Two triangles sign sidewise

(c) Triangle subtraction triangle sign

(d) Two triangles sign

214. Egohis represents marriage of Ego with his

(a) Sister’s daughter

(b) Cross-cousin

(c) Parallel cousin

(d) Mother’s brother’s daughter

215. Ultimo geniture refers to a system of inheritance by

(a) Eldest son

(b) Eldest daughter

(c) Youngest son

(d) All the sons.

216. Who was of the opinion, “as we move away from backward primitive societies towards the so-called civilized societies we simultaneously move away from classificatory towards descriptive kinship terms”?

(a) J.S. Augustine

(b) Radcliffe Brown

(c) Morgan

(d) Malinowski

217. Who defined “a marriage and kinship as being an arrangement which enables persons to live together and co-operate with one another in an orderly social life ?

(a) R. Lowie

(b) D. Forde

(c) Murdock

(d) Radcliffe Brown

218. Who among the following is not associated with the concept of kinship?

(a) G. Murdock

(b) Morgan

(c) Radcliffe

(d) Saint-simon

219. The institution of family gradually developed into

(a) Political institution

(b) Kinship organisaiton

(c) Economic organisation

(d) Economic frontier and caste

220. Which one of the following is not a characteristic of kinship?

(a) In some cases it is specific while in others it is not

(b) It usually indicates generation gap

(c) It has no affinity between two related persons

(d) It is related and based on sex

221. Who framed the term ‘Oedipus complex’ as the desire to kill one’s father, cohabit with one’s own mother followed by repentance?

(a)G.H. Hulton


(c) Risley

(d) S. Freud

222. The word ‘Consanguineal’ literally means

(a) Living together

(b) Kith and kin

(c) Of one totemic group

(d) Of one blood group

223. Which among the following is not a secondary kin?

(a) Sister’s husband

(b) Wife of brother-in-law

(c) Brother’s wife

(d) Wife’s brother (sala)

224. A man to a woman says, your only brother’s sister is my mother. How is the woman related to the man’s maternal grandmother?

(a) Mother

(b) Sister

(c) Daughter

(d) Sister-in-law

225. Whose name is associated with the study of joking relationships?

(a) Radcliffe Brown

(b) Levi-Strauss

(c) Raymond Aron

(d) Lewis Coser

226. The children of the siblings of the opposite sex is called

(a) Kin

(b) Sister’s son

(c) Parallel cousin

(d) Cross-cousin

227. Which among the following is not determined by rules of descent?

(a) Inheritance of property

(b) Line of succession

(c) Matrimonial relation

(d) One’s Consanguineal relatives

228. Which one of the following sociologists has identified four ‘kinship zones’ of India?

(a) KM. Kapadia

(b) Pauline Kolenda

(c) Irawati Karve

(d) G.S. Ghurye

229. Levi-Strauss explained the complex structure of kinship through

(a) Organismic model

(b) Structural model

(c) Statistical model

(d) Interactional model

230. Sexual relationships between prohibited categories of kin is termed as

(a) Avoidance

(b) Joking relation

(c) Incest

(d) Affinal relation

231. Matrilineality in India today is confined to

(a) Kerala only

(b) South and Bihar

(c) South and Assam

(d) South and Gujarat and parts of M.P.

232. Which of the following relations, in its primary form is not the incest taboo?

(a) Father and daughter

(b) Mother and son

(c) Brother and sister

(d) Uncle and niece

233. Pseudo-kinship term is used to include those relationships in which

(a) Kinship terms relate ego to nearest kins

(b) Persons are described or addressed by kin terms, but they do not stand in such a relationship by virtue of the principles of descent or marriage

(c) Kinship terms relate ego to distant kins

(d) Persons are described or addressed by kin terms other than the ones with which they are actually related

234. A kinship group is called a broad range or narrow range one on the basis of

(a) The number of persons it includes

(b) The number of lineal kins

(c) The closeness of relations

(d) The types of the group

235. Who holds that “kinship is the fountainhead’ of all relationships”?

(a) T.N. Madan

(b) Ghurye

(c) W.H.R’. Rivers

(d) Radcliffe Brown

236. Which one of the following is not clearly indicated by kinship?

(a) Lineage

(b) Affinity

(c) Status

(d) Relationship

237. Yako of Nigeria, utilize matrilineal descent for some purposes and patrilineal for some purposes, thus achieving system of

(a) Cognatic descent

(b) Double descent

(c) Collateral descent

(d) Unilineal descent

238. Fill in the blank. According to Hindu succession Act passed in the year_____ the daughter is also given equal rights of inheritance in the property of the father, along with the son. The women get right of the use, sale and mortgage of the property received through inheritance.

(a) 1955

(b) 1956

(c) 1954

(d) 1929

239. Which one of the following pairs is not an example of consanguineous relation?

(a) Husband-wife

(b) Brother-sister

(c) Father-son

(d) Mother-daughter

240. Fraternal polyandry in the diagram form

(a) Equal to zero and equal

(b) Equal to triangle and equal

(c) Zero and zero on the top

(d) Zero and zero on the down

241. Levirate and sororate are examples of

(a) Family, especially joint type

(b) Types of exchange of women

(c) Prohibitive and incestuous relations

(d) Preferential type of marriage

242. When a special role is given to father’s sister, it is called

(a) Avunculate

(b) Amitate

(c) Potential relation

(d) Patriarchical

243. Select group, which is group of lineal kinsmen.

(a) Grandfather- grand mother, father-mother, son-daughter, and her husband

(b)Mother’s mother, mother’s father, son- daughter, uncles

(c) Grandfather – grand mother, father- mother, son-daughter

(d)Grand father, maternal grandfather, maternal uncle, paternal uncle

244. The letters triangle and zero signify

(a) Male and household

(b)Female and household

(c) Male and female

(d)Female and male

245. The symbol dark triangle and dark zero signify

(a) Male and female are wealthy

(b)Male and female have offspring

(c) Particular male and female are dead

(d)Particular male and female are religious

246. The right to give a maiden in marriage is held by which one group in orderly manner?

(a) Grandfather, father, mother, brothers, kinsmen.

(b)Father, grandfather, brothers, kinsmen, mother

(c) Father, mother, grandfather, kinsmen, brother

(d)Father, grandfather, mother, brother kinsmen

247. The Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Act, 1956 is also applicable to

(a) Muslims, Christians, Jains

(b) Buddhists, Jains, Sikhs

(c) Buddhists, Sikhs, Christians

(d) Buddhists, Jains, Muslims, Sikhs

248. Beti Vyavhar, refers to

(a) Relationship between daughter’s families of orientation with that family of procreation

(b) Respect towards daughter’s husband and tether’s sister’s husband

(c) Relationship in which social groups can intermarry

(d) Due consideration towards daughter’s, education, health, food and nutrition.

249. Among Muslims ‘shariah’ consists of

(a) Following the way of life of the prophet

(b) Following the tenents of Islam.

(c) Regulation pertaining to marriage, family and inheritance

(d) Difference between ‘haram’ and ‘halal’

250. Main objective of ‘Nikah’ among Muslims is

(a) Religious sanctification of marriage

(b) Procreation and legalisation of children

(c) Finding groom for daughter/sister

(d) To purify the bride and groome


201.(a) 202. (c) 203. (a) 204. (c) 205. (c)

206. (b) 207.(a) 208. (a) 209. (b) 210. (a)

211(a) 212. (d) 213. (a) 214.(a) 215. (c)

216. (c) 217. (d) 218. (d) 219. (b) 220. (d)

221(d) 222. (b) 223. (b) 224. (c) 225. (a)

226. (d) 227. (c) 228. (c) 229. (c) 230. (c)

231(c) 232. (d) 233. (b) 234. (a) 235. (d)

236. (a) 237. (b) 238. (b) 239. (a) 240. (a)

241(d) 242. (b) 243. (c) 244. (c) 245. (c)

246. (b) 247. (b) 248. (c) 249. (c) 250. (b)

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