50 most important quiz questions with answers on Social Institutions


251. The term ‘stridhanam’ means

(a) Woman’s purity

(b) Woman’s husband


(c) Woman’s Wealth

(d) Woman’s attachment towards custom and tradition

252. ‘Zarduga’ system of family life is found in

(a) Japan


(b) Yugoslavia

(c) France

(d) Germany

253. ‘Kibbutz’ system of family life is present in


(a) Israel

(b) Germany

(c) Japan

(d) China


254. What per cent of-Israeli population lives in 240 Kibbutzim settlements?

(a) 11%

(b) 4%

(c) 15%


(d) 21%

255. The study entitled ‘A Runaway World’ was made by

(a) Edmund Leach

(b) R.D. Laing

(c) Even Vogel

(d) Bell

256. In his study ‘A Runaway World’ Leach has presented

(a) Pessimistic view of the family in industrial society

(b) Optimistic view of the family in industrial society

(c) Pessimistic view of the family in agricultural society

(d) Pessimistic view of the family in ancient/ tribal society

257. ‘The Politics of the Family’ is the work of

(a) T. Parsons

(b) R.D. Laing

(c) Bell

(d) Even Vogel

258. The Book “The Politics of the Family’ is all about

(a) Radical alternative to the functionalist picture of the happy family

(b) Inter-relation between members of ‘happy family’ in industrial society

(c) Function family plays in industrial society

(d) Industrial society’s happy family’s focus on political socialization

259. In their book “Symmetrical Family” Young and Willmott attempt to trace the development of the family from pre-industrial

(a) Japan to the present day

(b) India to the present day

(c) America to the present day

(d) England to the present day

260. Who was of the view that, nuclear family suffers from an emotional overload which increases the level of conflict between its members

(a) E. Leach

(b) T. Parsons

(c) Young & Willmott

(d) Even Vogel

261. Who holds that “the change in attitudes towards divorce is part of the more general process of secularization in western society?

(a) Robert Dahl

(b) C.W. Mills

(c) Goode

(d) David Almond

262. Which among the following is more likely to lead towards a more liberal attitude towards parenthood without marriage?

(a) Immorality

(b) Surplus of women and economic difficulty

(c) Prostitution

(d) Polygyny

263. Murdock had studied nearly 250 societies to find out the forms of marriage. Who else have done nearly similar studies to find out the forms of marriage?

(a) Radcliffe Brown

(b) Nadel and Firth

(c) Ford and Beach

(d) W.H.R. Rivers and Seligman

264. ‘Preferential marriage’ is a marriage in which ego’s spouse is someone who is

(a) Already related to ego

(b) His/her husband/wife’s brother

(c) His/her husband/wife’s sister

(d) Primary kin of ego

265. The two forms of preferential marriage were

(a) Generalized and restricted

(b) Levirate and sororate

(c) Exogamy and endogamy

(d) Polygyny and polyandry

266. The distinction between ‘courtship’ and ‘dating’ was made by

(a) Koller

(b) Locke H.J

(c) Lowrie

(d) L. Warner

267. Probably the best available discussion of divorce as a process and an experience is presented by

(a) W. Waller

(b) H.D. Kirk

(c) Lomi

(d) Nagel

268. ‘Ambil-anak’ marriage is found in

(a) Indonesia

(b) Australia

(c) New Zealand

(d) Fiji

269. Which among the following civilized societies is the most famous for its clans?

(a) Japan

(b) India

(c) China

(d) Iraq

270. The analogy between kinship systems and languages is used by

(a) Morgan

(b) Murdock

(c) Westermarck

(d) Radcliffe Brown

271. Which of the following four types of Hindu marriage out of eight types bring purification to ancestors on the sides of father and mother?

(a) Brahma, Gandharva, Arsha, Daiva

(b) Daiva, Arsha, Brahma, Gandharva

(c) Prajapatya, Daiva, Asura, Brahma

(d) Brahma, Daiva, Arsha, Prajapatya

272. Which among the following is true finding of A.M. Shah?

(a) Urban areas have more nuclear families

(b) Rural areas have more joint families

(c) Urban areas have more joint families

(d) Urban areas have more nuclear families

273. Which among the following practice levirate?

(a) Jats of U.P.

(b) Todas of Nilgiris

(c) Santhals of Bihar

(d) Gonds of M.P.

274. Examples of Hypergamy were found among

(a) Kulin Brahmans of Bengal

(b) Chamars of Agra

(c) Ahirs of Mathura

(d) Khans of Aligarh

275. Among Hindus which group initiates the marriage?

(a) Boy’s group

(b) Girl’s group

(c) Both take initiatives

(d) None of these

276. ‘Khulah’ among Muslims means

(a) When wife demands divorce

(b) When husband demands divorce

(c) When husband have to pay Mehar

(d) When wife have to pay Mehar

277. Who has described about the descent groups among the Nuer of Southern Sudan?

(a) Evans – Pritchard

(b) Levi-Strauss

(c) Malinowski

(d) Radcliffe Brown

278. Among Nuer which type of descent group is present?

(a) Matrilineal

(b) Patrilineal

(c) Matri-patrilineal

(d) Bilineal

279. ‘The Elementary Structure of Kinship” is written by?

(a) Levi-Strauss

(b) Radcliffe Brown

(c) Herbert Spencer

(d) James Frazer

280. According to Levi-Strauss, which types of exchange leads to more solidarity?

(a) Generalized exchange

(b) Restricted exchange

(c) Nominal exchange

(d) Wider exchange

281. Dumont has tried to understand the kinship, on the basis of

(a) Alliance theory

(b) Marriage theory

(c) Residence theory

(d) Separation theory

282. Hindu Marriage Act of 1955 permits divorce on the grounds of

(a) Insanity, leprosy, adultery

(b) Economic incompetence, non-religiousness

(c) Insanity and illiteracy

(d) Gambling, alcoholism, insanity

283. The only ritual in the life of Hindu female is

(a) Educational initiation

(b) Marriage

(c) Birth of a son

(d) When she conceives

284. Who among the following inherits property among Khasis of Meghalaya?

(a) Eldest son

(b) Youngest son

(c) Youngest daughter

(d) Oldest daughter


251(c) 252. (b) 253. (a) 254. (b) 255. (a)

256. (a) 257. (b) 258. (a) 259. (d) 260. (a)

261(c) 262. (b) 263. (c) 264. (a) 265. (a)

266. (c)

267. (a)

268. (a)

269. (c)

270. (b)


272. (c)

273. (a)

274. (a)


276. (a)

277. (a)

278. (b)

279. (a)


281. (a)

282. (a)

283. (b)

284. (c)

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