Short essay on Press Censorship


The word censor for press means an official examination of material before publication. Any part of the print material which does not fall in to code of ethics of journalism, offends people or which may expedient for securing defense of India and civil defense, the internal security, public safety or maintenance of public order may be removed by the censoring authority after examining it.

Some information which authorities of government do not wish to be made known to the public is classified as ‘not for publication’. The materials for publication have to be submitted to the censor authority according to the censorship orders, for scrutiny.

The authorized officers for censoring are Chief Censor to the Government of India, Additional Chief Censor to the Government of India, Director, Public Relations or Deputy Principal Information Officer in the Press Information Bureau of the Government of India or Director of Information or a Director of Public Relations of a State Government of Union Territory administration or such other officer.


The Government exercises control over the press in many other indirect ways. The Press Information Bureau, Intelligence Bureau, and the central agency that handles the Government’s press and public relations keep close watch on newspaper contents and reporters.

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