Write a letter as Games Secretary of the School to the sports goods dealer placing orders for certain articles


Dear Sir,

I am glad to inform you that your quotations have been ap- oroved by the Principal of our school. Therefore, I would re­quest you to send us the following articles according to the specifications and conditions in your tender as per passenger train.

1 Hockey sticks Olympic Item 3 of your (Trade catalogue) 1 dozen.


2 Cricket Bats superior (Hamburge) No. 4 your catalogue 3 . Pieces

3. Shuttle Cocks (with feather, Royal) 5 dozen

4. Football Bladders (Royal Supreme) 6 pieces

5. Cricket Ball (Special) No. 5 pieces


The invoice may be sent to us as per registered post. We promise to pay the money within ten days of the receipt of the articles. You may also instruct your packers to pack the materials very carefully.

Hoping to receive the material within the prescribed period of time

Yours very truly

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