12 important points you must know while recruiting employees


12 important points you must know while recruiting employees:

1. Active files of potential candidates:

These are the resumes of the candidates who had earlier applied but not selected. Similarly unsolicited applications may also be used.


2. Walking and gate hiring:

These are potential candidates, generally for lower level jobs who simply walk in the office and ask for a job. This method is specially useful for mass hiring of unskilled and semiskilled workers.

3. Employment agencies:

These may be public or private. The public employment agencies are subsided by the local government and may provide a variety of services. These include:


i) Placement services;

ii) ‘Employment counseling on occupational choices;

iii) Services to special groups, such as war veterans, handicapped personnel, released criminals in order to rehabilitates them etc.

The private employment agencies have a pool of applicants specializing in different areas and supply them to the organisations for a free charge either to the applicant or to the organisation. They generally, interview and screen the candidates and match their skills with job requirements on file, before sending them to the organisations.


4. Advertising:

It is a most frequently used method and consists of a brief statement of the nature of the job and its requirements and the compensation paid. Advertisements in the newspapers may be for ordinary jobs or for highly skilled and executive positions.

More highly specialized recruiting advertisement, that are not immediate in nature are placed in technical and professional journals, which reach at targeted market. One of the disadvantages of these methods for a few jobs making the screening process is very costly.

5. Educational Institutions:


These sources are specifically useful for recruiting into middle management positions, technical personnel, scientists, engineers and professional business positions like accountants, financial analysts, system analysts etc. Many colleges have career forums, at least once a semester where representatives of recruiting companies visit the campus to discuss matters of employment with potential graduates.

6. Professional associations:

Professional associations keep their members informed about job opportunities through their technical news letters or professional journals. Some of them have their own placement service. They also publish placement bulletins from time to time and specially at their meetings, conventions and conferences.

7. Trade unions:


Trade unions area useful source specially for manual workers, including unskilled, semi-skilled and skilled workers. In the construction industry, many contractors get their labour force from the local labour organisations.

8. Ex-service men:

This is an excellent source for highly disciplined veterans who have been trained as mechanics, welders, pilots etc. These veterans may be retired officers or personnel who want to leave the army for civilian jobs. Many of the technicians and pilots for commercial jetliners were initially trained in the armed forces.

9. Employee reference:

These are friends and relatives of the present employees of the company. It is a useful source of recruitment since the employees, would only recommend people who they believe to be adequately qualified and worthy.

10. Billboards at social and community centres:

These are primarily for non-professional lower level jobs, sometimes temporary in nature. These may be for baby sitters, typists, waitresses etc.

11. Scouting:

Some company representatives are continuously out in search for talent. Some recruiting firms have head hunters who specialize in pirating executives from organisation to another.

12. Foreign embassies:

Many multinational companies, who are starting to operate in another country, advertise in that country’s consulate here to recruit native personnel who could be trained and sent to their own country.

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