To which age belongs the Vedic Civilization? Who were the Aryans? What was their” original home? – Answered


The Vedic Civilization belonged to the Chalcolithic age. The foreign race that entered into India through north-west and initiated a new civilization is commonly known as the Aryans. It must, however, be remembered that the word Aryan is? Linguistic term.

It is erroneously used to denote an ethnic group. Anyway, opinions sharply differ as to the original home of the Aryans and the date of their coming to India. Diverse opinions have been expressed about the original home of the Aryans. In the absence of any definite evidence it is highly probable that they came from outside.

The most accepted view regarding the original home of the Aryans is that the Aryans used to live in the south of the Ural Mountains, known as Kyrgyzstan (Kirghizskaya of the erstwhile USSR). Scarcity of food, unfavorable climate and other difficulties might have forced them to leave the place and move in different directions. It was during the period of migration that a branch of the Aryans crossed the Hindukush Mountain and entered India through Afghanistan.


The other branches of the Aryan people went over to Iran, Greece and other regions of Europe and settled there. It is also difficult to say anything definite about the time the Aryans entered India. The problem has been made all the more difficult because of the fact that the arrival of the Aryan: took place in successive waves. However, on the basis of some evidences it may be said that the entire process of Aryan migration was completed between 2000 BC and 1500 BC.

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