Free essay for kids on Education


The term Education has also been variously understood and defined by experts. In its derivative sense, the term ‘education’ is said to have been derived from Latin words ‘educare’, ‘educere’ or ‘educatum’.

(i) Educare means ‘to bring up5 or ‘to nourish’. This means education is the process of bringing up or nourishing the child according to certain aims and ideals.

(ii) ‘Educere’ means ‘to lead out’ or ‘to draw out’. In this sense education is the process by which the child is lead out of darken into the light. It may also mean to draw out the best that tlj child is endowed with.


(Hi) ‘Educatum’ implies the act of teaching or training.

In its ‘narrower’ sense, education is confined to school and universal instruction. In its ‘broader’ sense, education includes all the influent which act upon the child and modify his behaviour.

The most comprehensive definition of the term Education is give by Redden is these words: “Education is the deliberate and systemic influence exerted by the mature person upon the immature, through instruction, discipline, and harmonious development of physic intellectual, aesthetic, social and spiritual powers of the human begin according to individual and social needs and directed towards the unit of the educand with his Creator as the final end.”

The concept of education is dynamic. It is concerned with the growing individual in an ever-growing society. It is, therefore, a continuous price; Education is related to time and space. As such it has passed through different ages and stages. Its concept is still in the process of evolution and it will never come to an end.


Education is chiefly concerned with the development of man, modification of his behaviour. Its main province is total individual an it aims at equipping him in the art of living. According to DrevtI Education is a process in which and by which the knowledge, character and behaviour of the young are shaped and moulded.’ Education helps the individual to have adjustment with the environment-physic and social.

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