Short essay on the pen is mightier than the sword


The pen is the symbol of ideas and thoughts while the sword is j the symbol of brute force. No doubt, many victories have been gained with the help of the sword. No doubt great conquerors and generals find a prominent place in history books. But the sword can never conquer the human heart. It brings death and destruction. It evokes terror and hatred.

The victories of the sword are temporary while the victories of the pen are everlasting. It is the ideas that have always | moved and ruled the world. The pen is a constructive force and brings peace and prosperity to the world. It can inspire people to acts of heroism devotion and sacrifice. It can move them to destroy the forces, of darkness and bring about revolutions.

The writings of Rousseau ‘ Voltaire and Diderot ushered in a new era is France and other countries. The writings of Marx united the workers of the world. Shakespeare, Vivekanand and Tagore will always be admired while Chaghis Khan, Timur-Leng and Hitler will always be despised. The power of the Press is acknowledged by all. The Press can effectively expose the misdeeds of governments and bring about their fall. It can make or mar the reputations of well-known public figures also. The pen is indeed mightier than the sword.

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