Short essay on Heavy Organic chemicals


The raw material for the plants producing heavy organic chemicals is alcohol derived from molasses, benzene from coke ovens, acetylene from calcium carbide etc. The Hindustan Organic Chemi­cals Ltd. (HOCL), in the public sector, is engaged in the production of a 11 basic organic chemicals.

It was incorporated in December 1960 at Rasayani (Raigad district, Maharashtra). It has two units at Rasayani (Maharashtra) and Kochi (Kerala). Rasayani unit produces organic group of heavy chemical and intermediates such as nitrobenzene, hydrogen, ani­line, sulphuric acid, etc. Kochi unit produces phenol, acetone and propylene. The company has floated a subsidiary company called Hindustan Fluora carbons Limited setting up polytetraflurethylene (PTFE).

The company has incorporated a joint venture com­pany under the name of M/s HOC Chematur Limited to set up 20,000 TPA of MDI project under technol­ogy and financial tie up with M/s Chematur Engi­neering a B, Sweden, at a total cost of about Rs. 400 crores. The company successfully completed the execution of Hydrogen Peroxide Project at Kochi.

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