Essays about the advancement of literature and learning, science and technology, arts and crafts under the Kushanas


a. Literature and Learning:

The Kushana kings, particularly Kanishka, were a great patron of literature and learning. Under royal patronage a large volume of Sanskrit literature was produced. Kanishka himself was associated “with many Buddhist writers of the contemporary period. Asvaghosha, the author of ‘Buddhacharita’ was a prolific writer.

Nagarjuna, the great Buddhist philosopher earned fame by. Propounding the philosophy of Madhyamika. Besides Charaka, Vasumitra etc. flourished during his period.


b. Science and Technology:

Indian astronomy and astrology made considerable progress during this period.

Through the Kushanas the Greek Ideas came to influence Indian astrology.

In the development of medicine also Charaka and Susruta made valuable contributions.


In technology also India was very much profited by her contact with Central Asia through the Kushanas.

c. Arts and Crafts:

The Kushanas were great patrons of art. Under their patronage there was the flowering of Indian art and crafts.

During the Kushana rule the new style of art that developed in sculpture as a result of the fusion of Greco-Roman and Indian styles is known as the Gandhara School of art.


This type of artistry was practised in Gandhara The characteristic of the Gandhara artists was that images of Lord Buddha were made in Greco-Roman style is known as the images of Buddha resembled Greek god Apollo.

Besides Gandhara, indigenous school of art like Mathura and Amaravati also flourished during the Kushana Period.

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