172 Words short biography of ASHOKA – THE GREAT


One of the greatest rulers of India’s history is Ashoka. He was born in the year 304 B.C. After the death of his father, Ashoka became the king of Pataliputra. He was a very good king.

Ashoka had already gained experience of administration during his father’s rule. Eight years after he took his throne, Ashoka’s powerful armies attacked and conquered Kalinga.

Although he had conquered many other places, this violent war was the last war he ever fought and a turning point of his career. He was disgusted by the extreme deaths of numerous civilians, especially the Brahmans.


In the nineteenth century, a large number of edicts written in Brahmi script carved on rocks and stone pillars were discovered in India, proving the existence of Ashoka.

Ashoka died in the thirty-eighth year of his reign, 232 B.C. The Buddhist ideas no longer inspire the government and at the same time, his descendents quarrel over the successions.

In less than fifty years after his death, the Maurya Empire collapsed and fell into pieces.

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