The Social Constraints in bringing about gender equality in Indian Society


In India, the position of women has always been a rather ambivalent one in our culture. All through the age, women have con­tributed immensely to the enrichment of cul­ture and progress of civilization without get­ting due recognition- for their contribution. The social economic and political issues related to gender equalization are:

i. There is a need to ensure educational opportunities of similar quality and-content for both sexes.

ii. The effect of cultural and economic bias against the education and training of girls and women now require extra measures in order to compensate for past neglect and to enhance the productive capabilities of women especially in the areas where women have been traditionally excluded.


iii. We must establish and strengthen non-formal educational opportunities for women.

iv. We must ensure full membership and equal voting rights for women in people’s organizations such as labour unions, cooperative etc.

v. Some amount of positive dissemination is needed for the women in certain areas for some time in order to compete with others in society.

vi. Family life education is to be given for understanding the implications of family size and spacing for the health of mother and child.

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