Biotic Components of Desert Ecosystem


(i) Deserts occupy about 17 per cent of the land. The areas with an annual rainfall of less than 25 cm. are in the desert. The species composition of such an ecosystem is much more varied and typical due to extremes of both, water factors and temperature. Abiotic Components

In the desert ecosystem, rainfall is very low and temperature is found to be very high.

Biotic Components


(i) Producers:

These are shrubs, especially some grasses, bushes and few trees. Son lower plants like xerophytic mosses and lichens may also be present.

(ii) Consumers:

Reptiles, insects, nocturnal rodents, birds, and camels are the main consume! They are able to live under xeric conditions.


(iii) Decomposers:

Deserts have poor vegetation with a very low amount of dead organism matter. The decomposers are fungi and bacteria, most of which are thermophilic.

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