What is the difference between Cardiac Muscle and Striated Muscle?


The difference between Cardiac Muscle and Striated Muscle are given below:

Cardiac Muscle:

1. Heart muscles are known as cardiac muscle.

2. These are short cells attached head to tail and from rouls.


3. Mitochondria and glycogen are more abundant.

4. Faint but light and dark bonds.

5. Cells are branched and connected to next cells by interealated disc.

6. It is involuntary muscle.

Striated Muscle:

1. Striated muscle are otherwise called as striped or skeletal muscle as they are attached to skeleton.


2. These are long cells, present in bundles, enclosed in sarcolemma.

3. Comparatively less.

4. Prominent regular strips of light and dark bonds.


5. Unbranched cells without in interconnections.

6. It is voluntary muscle.

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