Here is your short notes on palaeobotany


Study of the ancient plant life constitutes the subject matter palaeobotany. It has been mentioned earlier that along with the evolution of animal kingdom, the plant world also evolved simultaneously.

Evidences are ample to state that the plants appeared first followed by the animals. System examination and study of the plant fossils preserved within the ancient formations conclusively establish the fact that the ancient plants were in many w different from their modern representatives.

The earliest plants were exclusion aquatic and in due course of evolution gradually migrated towards land. With change of habitats various changes took place in morphology as well as in anato of the land plants.


The fundamental difference between the plants and animals are primarily their food habits. The plants prepare their own food with the help of chlorophyll present in them in presence of sunlight from minerals collected from water a carbon dioxide from air where as the animals directly or indirectly depend on the plants for their food. Further, animals move about freely while plants remain stationary. Because of their immobility, they are regarded as good indicators of palaeoclimate.

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