What is the Price of Vespa Scooter in India?


The latest price of Vespa Scooter in India is Rs. 73, 000/-

Vespa has a powerful 4-stroke, 125 cc, and fuel injection with three valve head engine with automatic transmission gearbox system. It gives an astonishing fuel efficiency of 50 kmp.

Vespa is an eternal classic, which is a lifestyle scooter in Indian two-wheeler sector. Vespa comes with retro-styling round headlights which looks extremely smart. The front outlook of the scooter is elegant yet sporty.


Some of its excellent features include good ground clearance and better suspension system.

Vespa present various technological features that offers brilliant and relaxed riding experience .The automatic transmission system with self start option adds and improves the overall beauty and comfort of the scooter. Automatic transmission system, is stylish yet powerful, good fuel economy and is more technologically advanced

Piaggio Vespa LX 125 comes outfitted with alloy wheels which give it a stylish and sporty look to the lifestyle scooter.

Vespa is decked with an excellent braking system. It is controlled by powerful 200 mm front disc brakes and 110 mm rear drum brakes. The larger wheel base and powerful suspension system give good command and stability during its run on slick roads.


Vespa has latest suspensions which gives stability, comfort and control even on the rough areas..

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