The Next Step We Ethiopian’s Should Do In My Opinion


In this world there is no such thing as a human savior. There is only a stable system. A man always changes after a while because they are human just like you. If we follow just another human for his idea I am sure we will end up fighting and another civil war and a new generation will suffer as we suffer.

For me the best way to struggle in our country political system is to do what you do best and build a system in every area you are in without fighting the current government and brother/sisters in another region so that the system can push away any person that is not needed.

Top politician’s always understands that we Ethiopian’s believe what people say and they will tell us what we want to hear and then we follow them when the bad day comes they are not there always.


We Ethiopians contributed and scarify a lot to build this country of us, just for the hate of some people we don’t have to destroy what we build so far. May be you will tell me there is no country without freedom and I will tell you the civilized countries did not build a freedom just in one day.

The American’s build a system

The Chinese’s build a system

The Great Britain’s build a system


Europeans build a system

Just to give you an example the Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi is one of the richest men in the world but the system did push him away.

They learn after a lot of sacrifice and work that a system will always work. We have to learn from them carefully.

Take a look at Libya the people have sacrificed a lot but they end up having to work from scratch and a civil war. Always foreigners are looking for their national interest not yours. Understand that!


You see my point. Please let us start by doing that. Our people are not ready for political talks and lies. You need to teach your people technology, the way to work on trade, engineering, teamwork, entrepreneurship, management, financial management etc. and then the people will understand what to choose and what is not to choose. Other than that Ethiopia is working we don’t want civil war anymore just to bring another good for nothing leader in the chair.

The political leaders are learning, the people some knows how to work around and some needs a lot of work. Be patient. Every leader makes a mistake in leading this country and the generation’s at the time of that leader always blame that leader and that was what is happening for the last 150 years and still what is happening right now. Please my friends let us be wise and choose carefully in what believe in.

A person is not going to bring this country of ours to the top as we deserve a system will do that. So instead of blaming the person behind you do your part and the person that is not doing his/her part will go out from the circle.

Idea in a system will bring the system to the top. Different idea will always generate a great system and economic development. But one person is always one person.


God bless you!

Love always win!


Bereket Teketel



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