List the major objectives of sexual health education


A Comprehensive sex education programme should aim at several objectives. Some of these include :

(1) Sexual health education should focus on the total personality development of the individual. Sexual health education should seek the development of an individual’s sexuality and sexuality involves one’s total being and identity. In short, it includes physical, social and psychological aspects of sex and sexuality. It will also create the power to make value judgment.

(2) Sexual health education should aim at providing factual, complete and honest information about sex and sexuality. Sexual health education programme should aim at increasing awareness and insight regarding physical, social and psychological development. It will help in clearing up myths and misinformation that young people share among themselves.


It will also prepare the adolescents to face the biological changes that would come about during puberty such as menstruation, seminal emissions, change of voice, enlargement of breasts etc.

(3) sexual health education will enable young people to become responsible in making decision. Sexual health education aims at helping individuals to acquire and maintain responsible and caring relationship and behaviour. Simultaneously, it will prepare the children to recognise the behaviour that is exploitative and self-destructive.

(4) Sexual health education will help the child to respect (him/her) self and others. Sexual health education will enable young body and girls to become proud of their own sex while appreciating the attributes and capacities the opposite six.

(5) Sexual health education will provide opportunity to youngsters to imbibe human values. Sexual health education will provide opportunity to the young people to develop ethical, social and spiritual values which will serve as a guide to the individual in persona, family and social relationships.


(6) health education should help the young boys and girls to underhand that each part of the body and each phase of growth is good and has a purpose.

This will give holistic idea about human development simultaneously it will help the young people to nurture feeling that sex is something beautiful, positive and is a creative of life.

(7) Sexual health education should help in the formation of an emotionally stable personality. By developing various skills an individual will also become emotionally stable. Such an individual will be able to make rational decision and will have judicious thinking.

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