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300 Words Essay on Railway Station

Travelling by trains is cheap and comfortable compared to buses and planes. So we find a railway station a place of great hustle and bustle. We come across people from different parts of the country, in different fashions and colours in the station.

Essay on a visit to a hill station

Schools in Delhi close for summer vacation on 15th May. It is very hot then. My parents, therefore, decided to go to Mussoorie. I accompanied them. It was thrilling—the very thought of going to the hills. Preparations were made in full swing.

Write an essay on a railway Station

Rabindranath has said in one of his later poems that the railway icon show that this our world is the handiwork of a painter, not that of a blacksmith or artisan. A railway station is one of the features of modern civilisation.

What are the essential functions of the Local police station ?

A police station of a locality or village is the basic unit that looks after the law and order of that area. Every police station is headed by a Station House Officer (S.H.O.) who is generally an inspector from the police department. Under him works a team consisting of a Sub-Inspector, Head Constable and Constables.

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