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Essay on the Socialistic Pattern of Society in India

India under the guidance of Jawaharlal Nehru had accepted socialism as her goal. Socialism implies the social or collective ownership of the instruments of production. It means that the control of production and distribution must be in the hands, not of private owners of capital, but of the community itself.

Write a brief note on the term Dendritic Pattern

Probably the most common and extensive river pattern is dendritic or tree-shaped. A tree has branches and twigs. The river has tributaries and sub-tributaries finishing in the source region as first-order streams. A tree has a stem.

Write a brief note on Parallel Pattern

Parallel drainage is probably as frequent and extensive as rectangular and trellised patterns. This is related mainly to marked gradient making the occurrence of parallel flow of channelized water possible.

Write a brief note on Herringbone Pattern

A frequent drainage pattern in mountainous and hilly areas is what may be called herringbone or rib pattern. If the bounding slopes of a valley are fairly steep they generate parallel tributaries which join the main or axial stream of the valley almost at right angles.

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