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Essay on Dowry Leads to Female Infanticide

Free sample Essay on Dowry Leads to Female Infanticide. The people in the desert state of Rajasthan had to face the invasions from Arab countries. On the one hand they wanted men to fight on the other they had to save the chastity of girls.

Essay on the importance of Female Education

Essay on the importance of Female Education. For education involves knowledge of the means by which health may be preserved and enable a mother to consult such modern books as will tell her how to rear up her ..

Brief note on the Male and female urinogenital systems in scoliodon

The organs of reproduction and those of excretion are clearly related to each other. Therefore, they are considered together. The kidneys in the male are a pair of long-strap-shaped glandular structures situated dorsal to the parietal peritoneum, and extend from the roof of the liver in front and right up to the cloacae behind.

Complete information on Female Reproductive System

In the female, the internal genital organs consist of the ovaries, the fallopian tubes, the uterus and the vagina. It is a paired organ. Each ovary of the adult female is an oval body (8cm x 2cm x 1cm) and weight 2-8 g. The ovum drops into the body cavity. The process of release of […]

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