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Leadership is the ability to get people to do what you want them to do, because they want to do it. It stands for the relation between an individual and the group around some common interest and behaving in a manner directed by him or her. Thus, leadership is a personal quality through which the leader motivates, directs and guides [...]

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Organizational Structure

An 'organisation' is a business or industrial organisation set up with an objective to perform a manufacturing activity or to provide a service etc. The term 'Structure' is highly abstract and illusive. However its existence is real and affects everyone in the organisation. It is the pattern in which various parts or components are inter-related or inter-connected. It establishes relationships [...]

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Organisational Behaviour

Organisational Behaviour: Models, Definitions, Scope, Importance, Nature and Concept Organisational Behaviour provides a roadmap to the lives of people of the organisation. It helps the managers understand hopes, dreams, fears, frustrations of employees, take the decisions and make the policies accordingly. OB helps an individual understand himself and others better which helps in improving interpersonal and group relations. On the [...]

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Organisation is a mechanism or structure which helps the activities to be performed effectively. The organisation is established for the purpose of achieving the business objectives. The business objectives may differ from one business to another. Whatever may be the business objectives, there is a need of an organisation.The word 'Organisation' is derived from the word 'Organism' which means an [...]

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Planning is the essence of modern management. Generally speaking planning is deciding in advance want is to be done. Planning helps in determining the course of action to be followed for achieving various organizational activities. Planning involves the choosing of a course of action from all available alternatives for accomplishing the desired results with greatest economy and certainty. The proposed [...]

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Roles of a Manager

Management roles depend on the formal authority and status of organizational positions. In performing the roles, the managers use their skills and characteristics. The nature of the manager's work is divided into three main roles, in which ten roles are performed.  Managers are the most valuable assets of an organization. They assemble resources, set goals, decide priorities, organize, and coordinate [...]

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Types of Organizational Structure

Everything you need to know about types of organizational structure. Organisation structure refers to the way people and jobs in an organisation are arranged so that the work of the organisation can be performed. In other words, it refers to the particular way in which a firm or public authority is structured in order to perform its economic, social etc., [...]

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Types of Communication

Everything you need to know about the types of communication. The word 'communication' is derived from the Latin word 'communize' which means common. Thus, communication means sharing ideas in common. It is a verbal or written message, an exchange of information, a system of communicating, and a process by which meanings are exchanged between individuals through a common system of [...]

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