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Short essay on Human Body And Human Existence

The question is to be of the world and still be out of it. Sounds paradoxical. The religion as propounded by Guru Nanak and the later gurus does not reconcile people to poverty, misery, hunger and disease.

What is the importance of copper to human body?

Copper is widely distributed in nature. The tissues of the body contain it in traces but the highest amount is found in the brain and liver. The mount found in adult body is about 100mg.

What is the importance of Iron for our body?

Iron is the chief among the trace elements required for the body. The total content of iron is very small in the body. In an adult it is approximately 3 to 5 gm.

What is the importance of Magnesium for our body?

The mount of magnesium present in the body is less than that of calcium and phosphorus. About 20-30gms of it are found in an average adult. Sixty per cent of it fund on bone surfaces in the form of phosphates and carbohydrates.

What is the importance of Manganese for our body?

Manganese is trace element which is required in small amounts in the diet. It is poorly absorbed from the small intestine. Manganese is transported by the blood as a loosely bound protein compound known as transmanganin.

What is the importance of Proteins for our body?

Proteins play a vital role in the nutrition of an organism. They are necessary for carrying out a number of essential body functions that have already been discussed in the earlier chapter.

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