Merits of polyandry:

The merits of polyandry are as follow:-

1) Firstly, Polyandry controls the growth of population in the society.

2) Secondly, it avoids the division of family property, common houses and maintains unity and integrity of the family.


3) Thirdly, it fosters us feeling among the members of the family.

4) Fourthly, it may strengthen economic status of the family.

Demerits of polyandry:

Following are the demerits of polyandry:


1) Firstly, polyandry may lead to extra-marital relation, as all the husbands will not be satisfied by a wife.

2) Secondly, a woman has to satisfy the sexual urge of several husbands that may have serious effect on her health.

3) Thirdly, the woman may suffer several general diseases.

4) Fourthly, Polyandry sometimes leads to the problem of sterility or barrenness.


5) Fifthly, it causes harm to married life and gives rise to several psychological problems.