As a child I did not live life as complicated as I am living now. It’s always better to remain ignorant than to know too much. I did not judge a person by his caste, creed or religion. I would just smile at all human beings without any hesitation. I did not even realize that a person’s religion and caste can be known just from his name. For me, names were just a string of alphabets put here and there. I was fascinated only by ice creams, chocolates and toys. These days, I am attracted only to the people of my religion, my community and my caste. One ice cream would make me forget the whole world but today even tons and tons of ice cream cannot give me happiness.

Those days, I was ready to forgive anybody but today, I don’t know the meaning of forgiveness. When I was a child, I was ignorant of revenge, vengeance, violence and hatred. But today, I have become one with all these. Money was just a kind of paper to me those days. But today I consider it the most precious than anything else. Those days, I did not have any fear of studying. It was an integral part of life. But these days, I am more worried about gaining job than gaining knowledge and wisdom.

I never knew then that there were so many number of divisions in the society since we all wore uniform in schools. All were equal to me those days. But today there is much inequality in how I treat the fortunate and the unfortunate. Those days I was happy when I was in a team and celebrated happiness and sorrows together. But now I want to stand out of the team. I danced happily in the rain, jumped in the puddles, sang soulfully, cried happily, laughed heartily and I lived and relished each and every bit of life even without any Spiritual Guru advising me to do so. But these days, I need many Gurus to teach me to live my life! I wish to be a child again……….to have that innocence, peace and happiness.