Physical health holds in it the promise of a happy and long life while a weak and unhealthy body comes to premature decay and death. Intelligence and merit count for little in any walk of life without sound physique to support them. An unhealthy man is always sad and gloomy and therefore loses confidence in himself.

Games ensure good health and builds a fine physique. They develop a healthy attitude towards life. They impart strength and stamina to the body so as to make it fit for hard work. They impart a vigorous tone and freshness to the mind. They are a valuable aid to keep us free from disease.

Games like hockey, football, cricket, volley ball, tennis, badminton, kabaddi, rowing, swimming, etc., give not only exercise the limbs but also provide a good deal of excitement and thrill. The competitive element in sports is a great source of thrill for the mind.

Not only the players but also the spectators feel engrossed in a game because of its suspense and unexpected turns. A book-worm who takes no part in games and sports is physically weak and all his mental excellence cannot make up for physical deficiency.


Games benefit both the body and the mind. Every game requires a certain degree of skill to play. Skill is a mental quality. Physical vigour alone is not enough in games like cricket, hockey, golf and tennis. A certain degree of dexterity is also needful. The acquirement and development of skill is therefore, a very important advantage of sports.

Games and sports are excellent means of spending one’s leisure. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Sports are an interesting and entertaining pastime. Without spending much, one can pleasurably spend an evening in playing hockey or tennis or cricket.

Games and sports foster a spirit of tolerance, fair dealing, and honesty, so essential for success in life. They develop team discipline; determination, sense of duty and the will to persevere and win. They teach obedience to rules and regulations, promote cooperation, self- control, pluck and sacrifice. They inculcate sporting spirit and sense of fairness towards both friends and enemies.

Many a great military general learnt his first lessons in generalship on the play field and carried them into other fields of life. The virtues developed by training in games and sports stand the students in good stead in after-life and they prove useful in keeping the youth of the nation in a fit condition or body and mind-never gloating over a victory or groaning over a defeat.


They learn fair play and sportsmanship which ripen into honest dealings in commerce, politics and social activities. Apart from improving the health of the students, physical training goes a long way in developing their personality and forming their character. They learn to live for noble ideals and die for high principles.

In short, games and sports mould and influence the whole character of a man. They are indispensable for both boys and girls. The qualities of leadership are also developed most effectively and fruitfully through games.