Short essay on the life of Mother Teresa – the world famous social worker


Short essay on the life of Mother Teresa – the world famous social worker!

Mother Teresa is a world famous social worker. She has taught us that the best way of worshipping God is to serve the sick and the diseased, the old and the infirm. The house where she used to live with her nuns is called “Nirmal Hriday” in Calcutta. Although she is no more but the path shown by her is being followed by her mission in the house for the dying, and the children’s home.

The light of service which she lighted forty years ago is still bright with her inspiration and model work. Mother Teresa was born on 27 August 1910 in Yugoslavia. Her interest in serving the poor dates back to her childhood. She became a nun at the age of eighteen. After a year’s training, she came to Calcutta as a Geography teacher in St. Mary’s High School. On the 10th of September, 1946, she received a special call from Jesus Christ to go to the slums and serve the poor. A few months later, Sister Agnes joined her. Her association with the American Medical Missionary sisters helped her learn nursing the sick and the diseased.


Her service in Calcutta has won her a great fame and name. She liked the people of Calcutta. She had also worked for the flood victims and endeared herself to men, women and children of all castes, faith and religion.

She could speak Bengali very well. She had adopted Indian saree and Indian manner of eating. This helped her achieve a great rapport with the masses.

No one wants the dying, the diseased and the crippled people. But the homes which she has established welcome such unwanted people. Her service began when she saw a woman lying in front of a hospital half-eaten by rats and worms. She looked after her till the old woman died.

Mother Teresa-received many awards and world-wide honors. She won Padmashree, Peace Prize, Good Sanaritan Award. Her death on 5th Sept, 1997 may have snatched her body from us but her spirit of service before self continues unabated.

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