Rabindranath Tagore, the brilliant poet and eminent educationist was born on 6th may 1861 in Calcutta. His father Maharshi Debendranath Tagore was a cultured and Pious Brahmin. At the time of his birth the country was passing through the revolutionary currents of religious, social, moral, political and literary movements.

Rabindranath was the youngest of the fourteen children of his father. He had little formal schooling and had withdrawn from the school by the age of fourteen. He was self taught and sometimes guided by his private tutor in different subjects.

In 1878 he went to London and studied law for two years, but returned to India without a degree.

According to him the prevailing schooling system is defective and cannot favourable influence on his life. So he founded an educational institution based on his own philosophy of life and education at Santiniketan near Bolepur in West Bengal. He participated in the movement on Bengal division in 1905. His literary excellence, outstanding Educational philosophy and broad cultural outlook made him popular and famous.


In 1913 he was awarded with the prestigious Nobel Prize for his great literary work “Gitanjali”. He also received many honours and awards from different organizations and institutions. It was on the 7th of August 1941 that he left the world.