Counting other’s money, keeping its record, en-cashing cheques and drafts cannot be an interesting work, someone may say cyni­cally. There cannot be personal involvement and originality in doing such a work, others may think. They may consider bank employees to be computers, adding and subtracting all the time. But this is decidedly a better career.

Bank employees develop the habit of saving something for their difficult times. When they find that the bank balances of petty shop-keepers are swelling up, they feel the urge to save some amount of money. This implies that they start spending with extra-caution. They try to get the maximum return from every penny they spend.

They develop social contacts with a number of businessmen. Some may say that all the public dealing organizations widen the social circle. But in other offices you may have favor them by doing some work which may be illegal. In the case banks if a cheque is cleared as soon it is received the person is quite satisfied. These contacts help in a number of ways.

By working in a bank one becomes quite cautious and scientific in doing one’s work. The scientist’s accuracy needed for marking entries become the bent of one’s mind. Accurate working qualifies a person for a better life. It is the slipshod work and haphazard approach that become hurdles in one’s progress.


In banks the work is almost independent. Even officers have not to interfere in the work of their subordinates. That is why there is not much of bossism in banks. The atmosphere quite cordial and it becomes homely as soon as the public dealings come to an end.

Above all a career in the banks is quite promising. As com­pared with other departments a person can have quicker promotion in the banks. Banks make us materialistic in outlook, which may be denounced by the spiritualists and other’s but which is a fact of the modern life. One can find thrill even in the most dull and unin­teresting work. If Galileo can be thrilled by looking at the stars why not a bank employee by finding a mistake in the entries, Life yield charm if we respond to it favorably.