638 Words Short Essay on Sports


All of us, sports are as necessary as are our studies. The advantages of sports are immense, if of course they are played in the right spirit. If we indulge in sports in the right spirit they make us into good human beings, besides looking after the welfare of our health. It helps in our developing the qualities of head and heart, and makes us into perfect humans.

With sports, the first thing we learn is to develop a sportsman’s spirit – that is, we learn to be good winners that is, inspite of winning we learn to keep the balance of our heads. We do not start thinking that, we are made to win but realise that winning and losing are just two sides of the same coin. Sports also teach us to be good sporting losers.

As far as this losing is concerned by losing we do not lose our heart and our spirit for the game. Even if we lose more often than winning we continue to make more and more effort because, the game teaches us that losing is, after all not the end of it all, and there is always another time. We know that winning and losing are both parts of the sport.


We become good losers, as; we learn to lose without a frown. Thus sports teaches us to be good very well balanced winners and good losers, we win without a guffaw, and lose without a frown. This attitude once developed in us, we are fully equipped to face the ups and downs of life just as winning and losing in sports.

Another very great quality we acquire by sports is that we learn to move together. We learn to realise that life is a game of togetherness, and no one can achieve anything alone, just as no game can be won by anyone alone.

There has to be a team to play and win. Each player is an individual player but at the same time each one is a part of the whole, a bigger entity, the team. He has to learn to play according to the team’s style and cannot do anything alone.

Thus, we learn to identify with the team and forget ourselves as individuals. Once we learn to identify ourselves with others, even when we are not on the sports-field we continue to be people who can adjust very well with people around us. That would mean that, sports teach us to be co­operating and adjusting in society. With this great quality in us, we are better humans who find life easy to live as; we can adjust with anyone and anywhere.


Aha! The physical aspect of sports is no less and can hardly be ignored. A sportsman develops a beautiful physique a shapely and healthy body, and thus a personality that can be spotted out from among hundreds.

It is not only the physical appearance but the health of the body and also the mind are well looked after by sports. If we participate in games and sports we continue to maintain the health of both body and mind.

Thus we see that, sports help us to develop into nice looking smart and healthy individuals. We also become good and balanced human beings with great qualities of both head and heart, and all this just by sports.

Whether a sportsman wins or loses in the game at the sports-field he continues to play and put in his best efforts always. The same measure he applies to the game of life, whether he loses or wins in the field of life, a sportsman always remains happy and satisfied. Thus the fact of the matter is that, games and sports provide us with great qualities that help us to steer through this life with ease and pleasure.

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