467 Words Short Essay on DHIRU BHAI AMBANI


Dhiru Bhai Ambani, an embodiment of enterprise, determination and perseverance, was an exceptional human being and an outstanding leader. From a humble beginning he rose to such a height that really inspires everyone.

It was he who built Reliance to be India’s largest private sector firm. He was one of those rare men who worked, not just for money, but also for the satisfaction of building something for posterity.

Dhiru Bhai was a great visionary whose visionary leadership helped in emerging the Reliance Group as the largest business conglomerate in India. It has achieved a distinct place in the global pantheon of corporate gaints. Today this group’s turnover represents nearly 3% of India’s GDP.


He was a man who was far ahead of his times. His philosophy was “Think big, Think differently, Think fast, Think ahead, and Aim for the best”. He was the inspiring force to the reliance team. He always taught it to do something better than the best in India as well as abroad.

His life and achievement prove that if there is confidence, courage and conviction within us, we can achieve even those things which are really impossible.

Dhiru Bhai was probably the first Indian businessman who recognised the strategic significance of investors and discovered the vast untapped potential of the capital markets and chennalised it for the growth and development of the industry. It was he who brought immense happiness and prosperity into the homes of millions investors.

He greatly inspired his people who were an important asset. He always nurtured them and motivated them for still higher aims.


The growth of Reliance is enough to prove that he had a vision at par. No horizon was too large for him to gaze at. He would strain every nerve, every muscle and every fiber of his body to achieve his goal. He dared to dream on a scale unimaginable before in Indian industry. A man of ordinary background, Dhiru Bhai achieved the most extraordinary things.

He was a gifted man who altered the course of history. He was the empire builder. He was conferred on many prestigious awards and titles by national and international organisations for his outstanding contribution to the nation. He did and achieved what he dreamt, a rare quality which he had acquired.

Dhiru Bhai Ambani, Rs. 75,000 cr. Reliance group patriarch and a colossus of Indian industry and the man who inspired the small investors died on 6th July 2002 in Mumbai. Physically he is not among us but his spirit will live on forever.

He will always be an inspiring force for this generation and the generations to come. He will always be remembered for his contribution that showed the way to private sectors at such a large scale. His life symbolises the proverb-“from rags to royalty”.

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