196 Words Short Essay on an ideal citizen


In a democratic country the role of citizens is very important. He is the basic source of power. It is he who chooses the Member of Parliament. He, along with other members of the society forms the code of good conduct. He obeys the rules of the countiy.

A citizen is a useful member of the society. It is the duty of the government to protect the life of the citizens. The citizens help the government in this matter. The citizens get the freedom of speech, thought and action.

A good citizen is educated. He does his duties first. Duty is superior to rights for him. He has certain duties towards the nation. He is also responsible to defend the country.


An ideal citizen always thinks about the progress of the country. He helps the government to maintain law and order. He helps those who are weak and poor. He sacrifices his own interest for the sake of his country.

Citizens form the backbone of the country. Good citizens make a country great. They are well-disciplined and lovers of their country. Our India has many such good citizens. Our President is known as the first citizen.

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