152 Words Short Essay on Diwali for kids


Many festivals are celebrated in India. Diwali is the most important festival of India. It is a festival of Hindus but everyone participates in it. It is called Deepawali also.

This festival falls in October or in the first week of November. When Lord Rama killed the Ravana-symbol of sin-and returned to Ayodhya, people expressed their joy and wel­comed Lord Rama’s return by lighten­ing their houses.

On this day everyone looks happy and they greet one another. Children buy toys and crackers. Shops and houses are white washed. At night people worship Lakshmi-Goodess of wealth. Tasty dishes are cooked.


Some people gamble and drink too much on this festival which is a social evil. Diwali is a nice festival and such bad things- should not be attached with it.

It should bring happiness, prosperity and progress to all of us. We should send our good wishes to our friends on this day.

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