Free sample essay on Ecological Pyramids


Trophice., the interaction of the food chain and the size metabolism relationship between the linearly arranged various biotic components of an ecosystem is characteristic of each type of ecosystem.

The trophic structure and function at successive trophic levels, i.e., producer -> herbivores carnivores may be shown geographically by means of ecological pyramids.

A study of the successive levels of the food chain in terms of energy flow, biomass and number of individuals at different levels, clearly shows that there will be a decrease in the availability of energy, biomass and number of individuals from the autotrophs to the primary, secondary and tertiary consumers.


Since there is a gradual decrease of energy, biomass and number of individuals starting from the autotrophs to the carnivorous consumers at different levels, these plants and animals in the food chain may be arranged into what are called Ecological Pyramids.

“Graphical representation of trophic structure and function of an ecosystem is known as ecological pyramid in which producers at the base and successive trophic levels forming the apex.”

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