What is the Objective of Training in Civil Services (India)?


(1) Keeping up-to-date and enhancing professional knowledge and skills needed for better performance of individual and organization.

(2) Promoting better understanding of requirements as well as sensitization to professional, socio-economic and political environment in which they perform.

(3) Bringing about right attitudinal orientation TRAINING OF IAS AND IPS


Young recruits to the IAS, get their initial on-probation training at the National Academy in Mussourie before proceeding to other specialized institutions.

The subjects taught in the on-probation fundamental course are: basic economics for administrators, history and Indian culture, law, political concepts and constitutional law, and public administration, management and behavioural sciences. At the end of this course, there is an exam and marks secured are added to the recruitment examination.

After completing foundational course, IAS probationers further undergo professional training of eight months. After completing first phase of professional training, the probationers go to their allotted district. During district training they learn language of the state of posting. They undertake socio-economic surveys of villages.

Sandwich type of training was introduced for IAS probationers at the National Academy in 1969. The training is based largely on the experience and observations of the probationary IAS officers in the field of district administration during practical training in the states.


At the end of the sandwich training there is an examination held by the UPSC, which a probationer has to pass before becoming an officer when he is sent to the allotted state.

The IPS probationers obtain two courses of in-service training since 1986. The 16 weeks foundational course is now conducted at the National Police Academy, Hyderabad and NADT at Nagpur. And the basic course for IPS probationers has duration of eleven and half months.

The syllabus of training includes studies of crime, methods of combating corruption, fire and emergency relief etc. Training is also given in drill, handling of weapons etc. After completion of one year training, the IPS probationers have to pass the examination conducted by the UPSC.

After this the IPS probationer becomes a full- fledged police officer and is posted as Assistant Superintendent of Police in the states allotted earlier:


Both the National Academies at Mussoorie and Hyderabad conduct middle-career training.

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