What are the uses of good and bad Conductors of Heat?


Some of the important uses good and bad Conductors of Heat are given below :

Uses of Good and Bad Conductors of Heat:

1. Cooking utensils are made from good conductors of heat. Such utensils get heated up quickly. Food can be cooked efficiently in shorter time. The utensils are generally made of copper, brass, steel, aluminium etc.

2. The handles of kettles and utensils are made of bad conductors of heat such as wood, plastic, ebonite, etc. They help in holding them comfortably.


3. Woolen clothes are bad conductors. Woolen clothes are not actually warm. They do not allow heat to conduct away or to escape out and thus keep our body warm.

4. Building materials like brick, asbestos, mud, grass, etc., are bad conductors of heat. They do not permit heat and cold to pass through the walls of bricks. They keep the houses warm in winter and cool in summer. Roof sheds are made of asbestos for the same reason.

5. Hair and the fur of animals are bad conductors of heat. They protect them from cold.

6. Vehicles carrying inflammable materials such as petrol are covered with materials of bad conductors of heat. Otherwise, the petrol can get heated up and catch fire.

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