It falls on the fourth day of the month of Bhadrapad. Ganesh was born on this day. It is believed that one should not look at the moon on this occasion. Once when lord Ganesh was out riding on his mouse, he fell off and the moon who happened to see this happen laughed at the lord. The irate Ganesh thereafter pronounced a curse on moon that became an object of evil. Anyone who saw the moon got into trouble and the gods and men shunned him. Having thus become repugnant to all, Chandra hid him in a lotus. Now the world was devoid of the moon-light and the gods approached Ganesha and requested him cancel his curse on moon. Chandra too repented his deed and asked for pardon. He worshipped Ganesh in due form and the god pardoned the moon but maintained that Chandra’s insolence should be perpetuated and the curse should have effect on Ganesh Chaturthi.