A man often falls on evil days. He then generally curses his lot. False friends, that are many in number, may at that time of adversity will desert him. But the man in adversity should not lose heart. For to rely on others is to build on sand. One should really on one’s good right hand. For self-help is very often the best help.

In difficulty or crisis, the latent or sleeping powers of a man are evoked and called into play. With this awakened power, he can struggle hard to overcome his misfortune. Were he not in adversity, he would have no idea of his innate capacity and latent power. Scarcity of sugar during the War made the discovery of saccharin possible. Therefore, adversity is a blessing in disguise. Only during crisis, a man should not lose patience but carry on boldly and resolutely. Indeed, adversity has an effect on the character of a man.