Job Introduction or What They Do?

A good teacher interacts with their students physically and mentally. The job of the teacher is to show affection to their students and make them understand what emotion is. The role of an educator is more than just teaching a course or a subject. It’s about teaching life, though life can never be taught, experiences can be shared to help students be prepared for the best and the worst.

A great teacher smiles even when students try and outsmart him. The job of the lecturer is not only about text book materials, it is more about teaching what is happening outside in the real world. It is principally practice balanced with theory.

A great lecturer dedicates him/herself to the job; if they have made a commitment then they have to do it. A great lecturer knows how to reach his or her students in such a way that knowledge is transferred.

How to Steps:

1. The first step is to be brilliant at the course you are teaching, though you would always have a textbook at hand, you would also need to be passionate about the course you are teaching in order to grasp the attention of the students and make them passionate about the course. When becoming a teacher for O levels or A’ levels it is essential to have a university degree or be at least a college graduate. However if you are teaching advanced courses it is not only enough to have a passion for a subject and a related degree, it is also essential to have a passion for teaching. Teaching or lecturing is not for everyone, you need to be talented and know ways on how to reach students and transfer the knowledge you possess given the time constraints and diversity of students.


2. The next step is to acquire some experience in teaching and learn how to teach the course you are teaching by taking on some kind of formal training. In fact there are many schools and universities in Pakistan that send their teachers to finish their Master’s degree, or some teacher training course in universities abroad or even locally. This training or education is paid for by the school or university and is a great opportunity for the teachers themselves.

3. Teacher training seminars and weekly courses are held even locally by foreign experts coming to Pakistan. These sessions is a great way for teachers to learn how exactly teaching standards are changing internationally and new ways of making students to learn better.

4. Teacher training is a custom of many Private institutions in Pakistan; hence it is essential that in order to become an excellent lecturer you learn from the experience of other teachers and experts.

5. Another important step in order to become a lecturer in top universities is to also be involved in the recent developments in the course your teaching. For example if you are teaching organizational behavior, some universities have a compulsory requirement that teachers conduct a research in the course they are teaching to better understand its current practicality and teach it better.

Job Opportunities:

There are many job opportunities available for teachers today in Pakistan. A large part of the education sector in Pakistan is privatized due to the lack of government investment and regulation in the public sector.


Hence there are more institutions being created in the private sector, and since the literacy rate is rising, there is a need in the country for qualified teachers. There is also a trend for coaching centers and tuition centers that students go to after school with respect to gaining help on different subjects and courses. Hence teachers also have an opportunity on self-employing themselves and teaching tuitions in centers or going to the homes of the students and teaching them.

Lecturers in Pakistan have a bright future, if you have the talent of getting through to students and making the complicated textual contents simple then your career is secure.


With regard to the remuneration, teachers are well paid in Pakistan. Depending upon whether teachers are teaching at the university level or school level their payment would vary. At the university level teachers are paid more than they are paid at the school level.


However private tutors also earn a handsome income, they charge per student and can charge higher as they are specialised in teaching one course. For example O’ Level tutors today charge around Rs.3500 per student per month, therefore teachers in Pakistan are successful.