8 basic skills every Manager needs for managing his business effectively:

1. Technical skill:

Ability to use specific knowledge, methods or techniques in performing work. This is of great importance to managers at lower levels. A foreman has to be well up in the methods of production, an accounts officer in the preparation of balance sheets and so on.

2. Human relations skill:


Capacity to understand, work and get along with people. This is needed by managers at all levels and to a greater extends by those at the levels of supervisors who deal with the rank and file.

3. Decision making skill:

Involving the power of judgment to evaluate alternative courses of action and select the best course among them. This is necessary at all levels of managers, although the gravity of the decision involved, the importance of the issue dealt in, vary from level to level.

4. Analytical skill:


This is closely related to decision making skill. It requires ability to use logical and scientific methods for probing into problems, finding out the critical factors and assessing them in the context of opportunities, constraints and threats. This skill is required to a greater extent at upper levels of management.

5. Communication skill:

Ability to explain policies and procedures, issue instruction, listen to problems and grievances, and so on. It is required at all levels, in a greater degree at upper levels.

6. Conceptual skills:


This is the ability to think in abstract terms to form image and ideas to visualize and understand the future and to discern relationships and indications among the elements of a system and changes there in.

7. Administrative skills:

This is the ability to get things done by implementing decisions and plans and to act in a very pragmatic manner. Carrying the system as per the procedures, policies and programmes also falls within the scope of administrative skills.

8. Social skills:


Social skills are basically behavioral and interpersonal. It involves the ability to understand the people and to create interpersonal relations on healthy dimensions. Building a team, getting the people towards the organizational objectives and at the same time meeting out the psychological requirements of the people falls within the scope of social skills.