The Principal

Government Girls Higher Secondary School,

Shakti Nagar, Delhi

Respected Madam,


With due respect I beg to say that I have been unfairly involved in the unpleasant incident that took place in our class yesterday.

I was not among mischief mongers. I am a serious student and keep the mis­chievous girls at an arm’s length. In fact, I have been a victim of misun­derstanding girls.

Have I acted in an offensive way, I would have been the first to come forward and apologise for my mischievous act, I would have most willingly accepted the penalty. I would have paid fine without hesitation. Believe me Madam, I am quite innocent in this matter.

I fully hope you will look into the matter and remit the fine.


I once again assure you that I cannot even think of misbehaving in the presence of my teachers.

Yours obediently,


Class XD