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Dear Uncle,

I am sorry that I could not write to you earlier. I was so busy here in my studies because the annual examination is at hand.


The Inspector of Schools paid a surprise visit to our school today, as we were later told that somebody had complained against our school. Therefore he reached our school at 9 A.M. sharp, perhaps to see for himself whether the school starts its work in time. Before he arrived, the entire school was as if ready to receive him. He visited every classroom, office, laboratory and the library. Everywhere he found things in order and everything was neat and clean.

He entered many classrooms and saw teachers taking classes. He examined us in English and we did well. He was very much pleased with my pronunciation.

He was accompanied by the Deputy Inspector of Schools and two other officials. These officials visited other classes and examined boys in the various subjects.

In the office, they examined a few registers. He was so pleased with all round progress that he entered very good remarks in the school log-book and left about 1 P.M. He was very glad with the progress the students had been making. As such we were given a holiday for the rest of the day in honour of the visit.


With best wishes and kind regards.

Yours loving son