How to Teach Student with Low Mental Ability?


The performance of the student with low mental ability does not have any physical problems but they are poorly adjusted in the classroom. Some observable behaviour for identifying such students is as follows.

The Low Mental ability student behaves as under:

I. He seeks immediate reward. 2 He displays fear of failure.


3. He displays poor academic achievement.

4. He forgets what he has learnt after a short time.

5. He is inattentive and disturbed.

6. He shows too much reliance on presentation of concrete objects.


7. He has poor self image.

8. He lacks self confidence.

9. He shows too much dependence or concrete examples.

10. He avoids active participation in classroom activities.


II. He has restricted communication.

12. He has poor muscular coordination.

13. He has difficulty in doing things for himself like eating dressing bathing and grooming.

14. He has problem in following what he has been told.


15. He learns at a slow pace.

16. He seeks more repetition and practice as .compared to other students. Teaching the students who have low mental ability:

Teacher should provide concrete experience to such students.

1. Such students require repetition and more practice than the normal students.


2. Learning tasks should be presented in small steps.

3. Their attention is to be drawn to important points of the learning tasks.

4. Simple questions may be asked to given them a feeling of success,

5. Immediate Feedback or reward should be the watch world for such students.

6. These students need training in communication skills.

7. The curriculum has to be translated through simple and interesting learning experience.

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