How to properly maintain your electrical equipments?


Electrical maintenance is successful only when the location of substations, main feeders, subfeeders, panel boards, branch circuits, and all electrical equipments much as motor is understood. Specifications and drawings must be available that illustrate the:-

» Locations of all panel boards, feeders, and circuits.

» Sizes, types, and numbers of wires for each feeder and circuit;


» Location, type, and rating of all motors; and

» Location size and type of all protective devices (such as relays)

Typically, such information is available from specifications and drawings that were compiled at the time of cons .ruction. Any information that is complied should be done in the form of a drawing.

Cost-effective electrical maintenance is a function of –


» Formalized inspection procedures,

» Regular inspections.

» Dry environment and controlled humidity around electrical installations.

» Regularly cleaning of electrical apparatus,


» Tightening all electrical connections and parts, and

» Adhering to safety precautions relating to any maintenance or repair.

Inefficient or improper maintenance can result in:

» Deterioration of cables.


» Excessive or low voltages.

» Loss of illumination.

» Inadequate power and voltage,

» Corrosion of metals,


» Hot cables, and

» Power failure

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