What is the Industrial Revolution? Where did it take place first and when? Why did the Industrial Revolution in England brought about a change in the nature of the British trade in India?

a. The Industrial Revolution:

The Industrial Revolution was a change from hand work to work by machines.

Before the Industrial Revolution the work was done in the homes or the workers.


But with the Industrial Revolution the work at home was replaced by work in factories.

b. First Industrial Revolution:

The Industrial Revolution first took place in England in mid-eighteenth century.

c. Change in the Nature of Trade:


The Industrial Revolution in England impacted the nature of trade of the British in India.

In a word, the Industrial Revolution transformed India into a country that supplied raw-materials to the industrial houses of Britain.

Prior to the Industrial Revolution British traders purchased cotton piece- goods and other handicraft items from India. And used to net huge profit by selling those in the European markets.

With the Industrial Revolution Britain started manufacturing various articles in a short time. For the manufacture of such articles huge raw-materials were needed.


Thus they procured raw-materials from India at a cheap price.

And at the same time Britain flooded the Indian markets with the machine-made products produced in British factories.