What was the impact of the French Revolution in Europe?


Europe in the 18th century followed the old pattern of autocratic monarchical rule, feudal rights and privileges.

Initially, Europe watched the developments in France with great interest because these threatened their position.

The manifesto of the Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen aimed at the very foundation of the old order of society and disrupted state everywhere. It had a far reaching appeal and the neighbours realized it was something that would not let them alone and therefore they could not ignore it.


Austria, Prussia and Spain stiffened in their existing tendencies of conservatism. They made plans to send troops to put down the events which they called ‘ anarchy’ and to restore French monarchy. But before this could happen, the National Assembly in 1792 voted for war against them. Gradually, whole of Europe was ranged against France.

While the monarchs tried to preserve the ‘old order’, radical elements and democrats everywhere welcomed the revolution as a war of people against kings, aristocracies and privileged.

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