The Chinese Revolution of 1949 also left a deep impact on the course of International Relations


The Chinese Revolution of 1949 also left a deep impact on the course of International Relations. In the first place it gave a serious set back to the prestige of United States.

The American Government provided lot of economic and military help to the nationalist government of China after the defeat of Japan, still the Communists succeeded in inflicting a defeat on Chiang Kai Shek.

According to Schuman, the Chinese revolution was the first victory of Soviet Union in post-world war period and the first defeat of America.


Secondly, the emergence of Communist China provided a new tilt to the balance of power between the Western powers and Communists. After the Second World War, Soviet Union was the only leading Communist country of the world.

No doubt, communist governments were established in a number of countries of Eastern Europe, North Korea and Outer Mongolia but the balance of power was very much in favour of Western powers.

With the emergence of Communist China, its vast population, military power and economic resources tilted the balance in favour of superiority. After the emergence of Communist China, the Communists acquired a dominant position from the viewpoint of population even though militarily they were not in a position to outweigh the Western powers.

Thirdly, as Palmer has observed, the emergence of China produced revolutionary impact on the whole of Asia. On the one hand, it greatly influenced the nationalist forces in Asia and Africa and on the other hand, it became an experimental ground for the industrial development of all the backward countries. It also became symbolic of the superiority of Com­munist system, over capitalist system, and naturaiiy upset the Americans.


Fourthly, the Revolution of 1949 marked the advent of Communism in Asia. As so far Communism existed only in the Western countries. The Chinese revolution made a beginning for the emergence of Communism in Asia.

Fifthly, the Revolution left a deep impact on Africa. The Communist Government of China soon after assuming the regions of power openly declared its support to the nationalist movements everywhere, which pro­vided impetus to national struggle which was being waged by the Africans against the imperialist powers.

Finally, the emergence of Red China also left a de :p impact on the policy of Soviet Union. Though initially the Soviet leaders considered the emergence of Communist in China as a book because its considerably increased its military power, but soon they discovered that China was posing as a rival for leadership of the Communist world.

This gave rise to struggle for supremacy and ideological conflict between Soviet Union and China, and posed a serious threat to Soviet leadership of the Communist world.


Thus we find that the Chinese Revolution left a deep impact on the world politics.

It not only gave rise to new problems but also accorded new dimensions to the East-West Conflict and transformed South-East Asia into a focal point of world politics.

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