How was the history of nationalism in Britain different from the rest of Europe?


History of nationalism in Britain was different due to following reasons:

(i) No revolution:

While in France, nationalism was developed through revolutions, in Britain it was the result of a long drawn out process.


(ii) English parliament:

While other European countries like Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, etc. had to wage wars either to gain independence or to unify their countries; in Britain, this objective was accomplished through Parliamentary acts.

(iii) Suppression:

The British Parliament was dominated by its English members. They tried to suppress Scotland’s distinctive culture and also forced them to speak English language in place of Gaelic language and they were not even allowed to wear their national dress.


(iv) English culture:

A new ‘British Nation’ was formed through the propagation of a dominant English culture. The symbols of new Britain were, the British flag (Union Jack), their national anthem and the English language. Older nation’s culture was subdued under the English culture.

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