How racial discrimination practiced by the British in India helped the growth of nationalism amongst the Indians?


It is very difficult to imagine today the tone of racial superiority the British practiced, particularly after 1857 in India. In fact, the British rulers treated their Indian subjects as subhuman.

The British people living in different parts of the country developed exclusive societies for themselves. The British people also lived in places particularly demarcated for the white-skinned people where no ‘native’ were allowed to enter.

In Calcutta, for example, the habitation area was particularly divided into two parts, namely, the ‘black’ and the ‘white’ areas, obviously discriminating between the Indians and the Europeans. No Indian was allowed to enter the areas exclusively marked for the white-skinned people.


Likewise there were parks, gardens and play gardens where no Indian was allowed to enter.

All this made the Indians conscious about the national humiliation and accelerated the pace of disillusionment with the foreign rule which eventually turned them anti-British.

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